Gaylon's Gospel


As you can see by reading the GP&S Bio, Gaylon's beginnings and roots are in Gospel Music. From the time he was 10 years of age he was singing at his Mom's side by the piano. From there the rest as they say is history! At date, the history is a 49 year journey (2003 will be 50 years) in a career that has stood the test of time. We encourage you to again read the GP&S Bio to see just a few of the highlights of that career. But, what the bio does not reflect is that during some of those years, he was the Music Minister at three churches, served on the Music & Fine Arts Committee of the North Carolina Assemblies of God and produced & directed one of the largest Passion Plays in the state of North Carolina.

Gaylon has always tried to stay true to his first love and "Calling". Everything he has ever done and every show he has produced has always included some gospel music and a very positive witness. It has always been and continues to be his belief that there are many people who will attend his Country Variety shows that may never go to the church; therefore he believes that it is his responsibility to find a  way, without preaching, to interlace a song or a brief word of encouragement to help someone along their life's journey. An example of this belief is in a story that Gaylon shares... It was during one of his Christmas shows, (A "Country Christmas Show) that Gaylon found a way for that "interlacing". After the show a middle aged lady came to him for an autograph and told him that the show was life changing for her. She said that it was on Christmas three years before that she lost her husband in a tragic automobile accident and since that time, she had turned her back on her faith. With tears in her eyes, she said to Gaylon, "But tonight, you have brought Christmas back to me; and tonight I have decided to return to my faith and  to the Christ of Christmas". Gaylon says that one "testimony" is worth every mile traveled, every struggle and demand he faces, and long nights of rehearsals; "that's why I continue to do what I do". To Gaylon every show is more than a "show"; it's a platform in which he tries to be a help to others. You can  laugh, find a little joy, forget about your troubles for a while and at the end of the night, leave with something special in your heart. 

Gaylon himself has seen trouble times and heartache along the way. He knows what it is to hurt, he knows what it is to lose friends, he knows the pain of loosing loved ones and family, he knows what it is to be down to a $0.00 bank account; and like our lady in the story, he even knows what it is to loose sight of his faith. But he continues to stand on the fact that "Life is not always fair, but God is!"     
...and that my friends is "Gaylon's Gospel!"

Because of his faith and because of his calling of 'Good Will', he now tries to keep the Gaylon Pope & SweetWater schedule available for not only doing "Family Friendly" shows of wholesome entertainment, but they also schedule church concerts. But their concert is not your typical "Gospel Music Concert". It's a time of music and sharing personal testimony of "God's love and faithfulness".  "It would be a shameful thing..."; says Gaylon, "...if we only sang and didn't witness of such a love and grace."  Make sure you go see Gaylon & the girls when they are in your area sharing the Gospel Side of 'Gaylon Pope & SweetWater' for an all out good ole gospel time! 


Music is our platform. 

Ministry is our Heart! 

SweetWater Ministries Inc. was established to provide financial support in the form of tax deductible donations and sponsorships that gives Gaylon & SweetWater the ability to THRIVE & SURVIVE with its overall Travel Expenses, Production Expenses, Administrative and Salary profiles. It also provides the ability of keeping the group up to date and stocked with amenities and transportation needs. 

The goals of SweetWater Ministries Inc. are: 

1) To be able to carry their Gospel Concerts to churches and various venues at minimum cost. 

2) To promote the financial support of the overall operations of Gaylon & SweetWater, so that the group can continue to provide quality entertainment for the entire family by way of their Variety Shows, Concerts & Promotions. These shows are in fact “Ministry”, as the group is able to broaden their audience and reach those who may never attend church or in need of inspiration. 

3) To supplement the funding of Gaylon & SweetWater so they can stay affordable in a very competitive market. 

On select events, Gaylon Pope & SweetWater and SweetWater Ministries Inc. provides quality support to other Non-Profit Associations who help others in their times of need. When you help us, you are also helping these Associations: 

The NC Baptist Men’s Association Disaster-Relief Fund 
The American Cancer Society 
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital 

In 2017 Gaylon & SweetWater presented a check for $3,117.45 to the NC Baptist Men’s Association for Hurricane Matthew Disaster Relief. 

The mission of SweetWater Ministries Inc. and Gaylon Pope & SweetWater can be summed up into one sentence that comes from an old Gospel hymn: 

“If we can help somebody along our way, 

then our living will not be in vain.” 

Gaylon & SweetWater live that mission! Whether it be their Gospel Concerts, Country Variety Show, their Motown & Oldies Show or their Christmas show; they always take to the stage with one mission in mind… to bring laughter, tears, hope, inspiration and wholesome fun for the entire family. It is their prayer that at the end of each event, someone has been helped in some way, even if it was just an hour & ½ of forgetting about their problems. And last but not least that God has been seen in them and been glorified. Music is our platform; Ministry is our Heart! YOUR SUPPORT CAN MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF PEOPLE WE PERFORM FOR AND WITH THE FUTURE OF OUR MISSION. Join us today and be a part of our family, our mission and our efforts to be a blessing to others who need hope, healing, inspiration and in some cases just a smile. 

Your giving is “seed giving” and 

planted in good soil! Plant a seed today and watch it come back to you “Pressed down, shaken together and running over” 

(Luke 6:38) 

SweetWater Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The Ministry gladly accepts donation-gifts of any amount (Monthly, Yearly or One Time Donations) for the future growth of Gaylon Pope & SweetWater.


Yes! I want to become a supporter at the following level: 

Plan on my monthly support at: 

____$500 per month 

____$250 per month 

____$150 per month 

____$100 per month 

____$50 per month 

____$25 per month 

________Other per month

I’m sending a one time gift of: $____________

 Mail your Tax Deductible Donations to: 

SweetWater Ministries, Inc. 

PO Box 1011 

Pikeville, NC 27863

Note: Make your check(s) out to: SweetWater Ministries Inc. and make sure we have your return address & phone number, so that we can mail your Tax Deduction.

Encouragement just for you:
Read Psalm 23

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Pastoral Reference:
Pastor Ralph & Joy Painter

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